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Make a Difference in the Lives of NK Refugees by Jennifer 0% of $442 raised Support TNKR by Ryan 66% of $300 raised Simon's marathon fundraiser by Simon 17% of $442 raised Ooberfuse! by Casey $0 raised KC's 2017 Birthday Matching Grant by Casey $553 raised Sungae Park by Sungae $0 raised #BringMyFatherHome! 송환을 위한 인권과 정의의 빛을 밝혀주십시오! by In-cheol 2% of $4,421 raised Hummus Fundraiser by Courtney 96% of $88 raised Give a little each month by Paul 0% of $0 raised Manny Dume's storytelling night for TNKR by Casey $0 raised Help bring TNKR to the UK by Jihyun $139 raised Every Falling Star by Sungju Lee (autograph) $944 raised Shin & Kim Matching donation by Shin & Kim 35% of $1,857 raised TNKR Forever by Eben V. 38% of $1,008 raised I Love TNKR by Jun $89 raised Art for TNKR by Taihyun $0 raised Josef's Fundraiser for TNKR by Josef 4% of $354 raised Give North Korean refugees a bright future! by Natalie 6% of $442 raised English for North Korean in South Korea by jejoon 5% of $442 raised ToB Bag by Hyunji $148 raised Help Give North Korean Refugees a Voice! by Richard 30% of $442 raised Kevin Royal's Fundraiser for TNKR by Kevin 100% of $692 raised Donations for Teach North Korean Refugees by Tony 0% of $88 raised Support North Korean Refugees by Hyeonjin 5% of $884 raised Teaching English to North Korean Refugees by Jessica 0% of $177 raised Run this town by Michael 0% of $177 raised Tutoring with Teach North Korean Refugees by Kevin 3% of $884 raised Fund TNKR's Future by Spencer 55% of $1,769 raised Help North Korean Refugees in South Korea by Natali 0% of $88 raised TNKR by Phillip 11% of $177 raised Mother's Day Appeal by Jane 6% of $177 raised TNKR Prince Party Fundraiser! by Peter 84% of $619 raised See More

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