FSI-GHSU Members birthday project

FSI-GHSU Members birthday project

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About This Project

This fundraising project supports Freedom Speakers International (FSI) empowering North Korean refugees to engage in publishing speaking and writing.

The FSI- Global High School Union(FSI-GHSU) has launched this fundraising project in July 2021 as part of a year-long campaign. The FSI-GHSU started in 2019 when two high school students approached FSI seeking to volunteer. From that humble start, more than 100 high school students from more than 40 high schools from Korea and abroad are actively volunteering.

The members of the FSI-GHSU pledge to celebrate their birthdays with fundraisers to help make FSI a sustainable organization and to keep it independent.

Let`s work together!

Below are FSI-GHSU's main activities.

* FSI-GHSU members can join activities by team, school and independent project

* FSI-GHSU had international youth forum, speech mentoring for North Korean refugees, translation books etc.

* FSI-GHSU Teams: Fundraising team, Translation teams, Givingtuesdaykorea team, Event team, Media team, One ensemble team, Running club team, Mentoring team

* FSI-GHSU School clubs: Fayston preparatory school, Saint Paul Academy Daechi, Valor international scholars, Seoul International School, Ewha Girls' Foreign Language high school, Big Heart Christian School, Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul, Seoul Scholars International, Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, Cornerstone Collegiate Academy of Seoul, Sevenoaks School



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Freedom Speakers International

Freedom Speakers International (FSI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering North Korean refugees who seek to engage in public speaking. We have 501(c)3 tax-deductible status in the USA and equivalent status in South Korea.

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