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About This Project

TNKR is growing! Our next project: TNKR Publishing.

We have a license, translators and editors, potential authors (refugees, experts and others) ready to publish books!

But will we have book buyers?

We plan to sell the books for 15,000 won each, so if you would like to join this effort, pledge at least 15,000 won, and you will always receive the next book to be published in English by a TNKR student.

We have several types of books in mind:

By refugees

* Original books in English by TNKR students. A couple of students have been working on books, but they are uncertain about acquiring a publisher or even being able to sell the book.

* Books already published in Korean by North Korean refugees that need to be translated into English.

Books by non-North Korean refugees

* Books by TNKR staff that can inform the world about North Korean refugees. TNKR has been working with North Korean refugees for six years, we have learned some lessons that are worth spreading.

* Books by experts, researchers and others with something special to inform the world about North Korean refugees. We have had researchers and potential authors approach us with some interesting ideas, but they weren't sure if they could acquire a publisher looking for certain formulas.


According to various articles about the book publishing industry, only about 1 percent of books published each year sell at least 500 copies. Over the year, I have spoken to many publishers and book agents, the first question they ask is: "Who will buy this book?"

If we got commitments from at least 500 people to commit to buying books by TNKR authors, then we would have publishers coming to us, asking if they can publish the next book.

Donate 15,000 won: Receive the next book by a refugee (you can skip the others).

Donate 25,000 won: Receive a signed copy of the book.

Donate 50,000 won: Receive a personalized copy of the book (let us know how you would like it signed) plus free admission to a TNKR event with the author.

Donate 100,000 won: Receive a "galley" version of the book, which is a final draft of the book that is distributed to just a handful of editors and reviewers.

Donate 200,000 won: Receive all of the above, plus have an online call or meeting with the author.


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