Canadian Support for N. Korean Refugees

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This fundraiser supports Matching session #97

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About This Fundraiser

This is a call directly to Canadians to support the English education of North Korea refugees. Canadians are known globally as some of the most empathetic and caring people on earth. We support refugees around the world and we are proud to donate to such a worthy cause.

100,000 KRW will ensure a safe study space for North Korean refugees to learn English.

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About Matching session #97

Time AND a dime!

TNKR volunteers give their time to helping North Korean refugees seeking to improve their English. TNKR as an organization has been able to grow because of volunteers and fans also being willing to donate or fundraise for the organization.

The 14 volunteers who joined on October 27, 2019 not only have pledged to give their time, but three of them have become monthly donors and 8 of them have set up fundraisers to support TNKR.

Please scroll down to check out their fundraisers.

Their actions have inspired a Korean business couple who are fans of TNKR. They have pledged to match the donations raised by all of the tutors in this Matching session, up to 10 million won.


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