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Why do North Korean Refugees Join TNKR?

We have learned a lot in our 1:1 interviews and feedback sessions with refugees. We have identified five main categories of refugees who join us so they can study English.”

The categories of refugees and/or reasons why they joined included:

1) College students and those applying for college.
2) Refugees with established careers who want to improve business, professional and international opportunities.
3) Employers in South Korea expect English language proficiency.
4) Self-improvement and gaining independence, for example to travel.
5) Gaining public speaking skills in order to raise awareness about human rights abuses, discuss their escapes, and inform others about refugee issues.


Refugee Student Feedback about TNKR

TNKR students are regularly asked to assess TNKR’s program via interviews and surveys with TNKR staff. The following themes are evident in refugees’ feedback and are often shared with audiences at TNKR informational events:

1) One-to-one class ratio is more productive than group classes in private institutions.
a. The learning goals of each individual refugee is the focus of each session.
b. Refugees feel comfortable asking questions in one-on-one situations.

2) Refugees want volunteers to use English only (no Korean language use by volunteers).

3) Refugees experience a process of struggle that leads to real achievement.

4) Refugees report that volunteers are dedicated, responsible, patient, and prepared.

5) Refugees indicate gaining confidence in their English language abilities.

6) Refugees report gaining new experiences because of improved language abilities:
a. Opportunities to study abroad.
b. Ability to travel abroad.
c. Increased capacity to talk with native English speakers.
d. Increased opportunities to speak publically about life experiences.

Additional TNKR refugee testimonials are available online:

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About TNKR Employment and Education Project

The Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center is launching the TNKR Employer and Education Preparation Project to engage with North Korean refugees seeking job opportunities. There are many great programs focused on helping North Korean refugees adjust to life outside of North Korea, but when asked, North Korean refugees say that employment is the best way for them to be self-sufficient.

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