Casey Lartigue's fundraiser for TNKR

Fundraiser by Casey
₩3,286,345 remaining
₩7,713,650 raised
70% of ₩10,999,995 goal

About This Fundraiser

Founded in March 2013, Teach North Korean Refugees has connected 313 North Korean Refugees with 644 volunteer tutors and coaches. The organization was recognized in July 2016 as an official NGO, it completely relies on donations generated by volunteers and fans.

TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees)은 2013년 3월 시작하였고 현재까지 총 290명의 탈북민들과 597명의 원어민 자원봉사자 선생님들을 연결해 주었습니다. 2016년 7월 “북한이탈주민글로벌교육센터”로서 서울시 비영리단체 지위를 취득한 TNKR 의 모든 활동은 전적으로 자원봉사자들과 후원자들의 소중한 후원 및 지지가 있기에 가능합니다.

So far this fundraiser has generated two successful Matching Gift opportunities for TNKR.

최근 TNKR은 두 번의 매칭펀드를 성공적으로 마쳤습니다.

* Opportunity 3:
When: Launching July 1 (but donations raised now can also be added to the total retroactively)!
What: The law firm of Shin and Kim has offered a 2 million won donation ($1,767) to TNKR to help us with the speech contest.
Status: Active!

* 세번째 매칭펀드
게시일: 2017년 7월 1일 (지금 후원하셔도 매칭펀드에 적용 가능합니다)!
내용: 법무법인 세종에서 제6회 TNKR 영어 말하기대회를 지원하고 있는 200만원($1,767)을 매칭펀드로 후원하였습니다.
상태: 진행 중!

이미 완료된 매칭펀드 후원행사:

* Opportunity 2:
When: Announced on May 26, completed on June 10.
What: Two anonymous donors offered donations that can be matched totaling almost 4 million won (about $3,500). That means that every donation really mattered because they helped us chip away at that 4 million won total!
* 두번째 매칭펀드:
기간: 5월 26일 - 6월 10일
내용: 익명의 후원자 두 분께서 매칭펀드 후원금으로 400만원(약 $3,500)을 후원해 주셨고, 그 후 400만원 매칭 후원 달성에 성공하였습니다. 여러분 한 분 한 분의 후원이 만들 결과입니다.

* Opportunity 1
Status: Completed!
When: Announced on May 2, completed on May 6.
What: TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue matched the first 1 million won (about $900) donated to this fundraiser.
* 첫번째 매칭펀드:
상태: 종료!
기간: 5월 2일 - 5월 6일
내용: 케이시 라티그 TNKR 공동대표가 후원금 100만원(약 $900)까지 그 금액에 상응하는 액수를 TNKR에 후원했습니다.


You can also donate through the TNKR bank account:
Woori Bank 1005-802-774890
TNKR 계좌로 직접 후원도 가능합니다:
우리은행 1005-802-774890

email to confirm your donation is credited to this matching opportunity.
후원 후 확인이 필요하신분들은 로 문의해주시기 바랍니다.


Half of these Matching donation opportunities will be used to help TNKR with its international expansion and the other half will be used for TNKR's operations.
매칭펀드로 마련된 재원의 절반은 TNKR의 국내외활동에 사용되며 나머지 절반은 기관 운영비로 사용될 것임을 알려드립니다.


TNKR began as a humble gathering in March 2013 when we matched a handful of North Korean refugees with volunteer tutors in Seoul. Since then, more than 280 refugees have studied with more than 580 volunteer tutors and coaches.
TNKR은 2013년 3월 5명의 탈북민들과 원어민 자원봉사자 선생님들을 연결해 주는 작은 모임에서 시작되었습니다. 그 후 지속적인 성장을 통해 280명 이상의 탈북민들과 580명 이상의 원어민 자원봉사자 선생님들을 연결해주는 성과를 거두었습니다.

English is important to helping refugees access opportunities in South Korea. According to one study, 32 percent of refugees drop out of school because of problems with English (that's even higher than 28 percent who dropped out to earn money). Of refugees who said they considered dropping out, another 33 percent cited English as a reason. English is needed for employment tests in South Korea, so many refugees get eliminated almost immediately.
영어 능력은 탈북민들의 적응 및 정착을 위해 매우 중요합니다. 한 연구결과에 의하면 탈북대학생들이 휴학 및 자퇴 이유로 ‘영어공부를 하고 다시 학교에 돌아오기 위해서’(32%) 가장 높았습니다. (‘생활비 마련을 위해’ 휴학 및 자퇴한 28%보다도 높았음.) 자퇴 및 제적을 경험하지 않은 탈북대학생들 중 중도탈락을 고려한 가장 큰 이유는 ‘영어때문에(33.3%)’ 이라고 답변했습니다. 영어 능력은 대한민국에서 성공적인 취업을 위해 필수적으로 요구되고 있으며, 적지 않은 탈북민들이 영어때문에 취업기회를 얻지 못하고 있습니다.
After our recent trip to the UK, we learned that refugees there are also struggling with English. We hope that we can provide support for refugees there.
최근 영국 방문을 통해 해외에서도 많은 탈북민들이 영어로 어려움을 겪고 있다는 사실을 확인했습니다. TNKR은 추후 영국 내 탈북민들에게도 영어 능력 향상기회를 제공할 수 있기를 희망하고 있습니다.

Recent Supporters

About Give a Little, or a Latte (TNKR Study Center)

" Who pays for study sessions?" That question is asked by many tutors and students joining TNKR for the first time.

* Some of the refugees have told us "I have no extra money." And we know that some of them are trying to save money either to help relatives still in North Korea or even to save up enough to rescue relatives, friends or other loved ones still in North Korea. Knowing their situations, we have done our best to keep TNKR tuition-free for refugees.

* Some tutors are in debt from college. One told me, "Casey, I'm $60K in debt, but I will do my best." This is on top of them already engaging in free tutoring, so we hate it when they must spend money in addition to volunteering.

One of our previous volunteers said people can "give a little or a latte." She's right!

Refugees and tutors in our program can study at business centers or cafes, but they can expect to pay at least 10,000 won per session. Some tutors have told us that they had to cut back on tutoring sessions with refugees not because of a lack of time or willingness, but because of the cost (transportation, costs of booking rooms).

At the most we can handle one or two study sessions at a time, but because we lack full-time paid staff, it is hard to keep the office open for study sessions or to accept appointments in advance. And we often need to use the office for our internal meetings and staff.

TNKR is now taking a big step: Converting our current office into a study center for refugees.

We hope to reserve the office for study sessions that can be held most of the day. To make this happen, we will be moving our operations into the office of a partner organization. It won't be as comfortable for our volunteer staff, we will lose some of our autonomy, but this can provide more opportunities for refugees and tutors to be able to study without cost being an issue for them.

You can help by becoming a monthly donor. We hope to have at least 100 monthly donors donating at least 10,000 won each (about $9) a month.

At cafes, TNKR students and tutors must battle loud music, loud customers, plus it can get crowded at times, and sometimes it is hard to get a good seat. Plus, it isn't a professional situation for refugees to be studying English, especially those who are studying it for the first time.

At business centers, they must pay at 10,000 won per session, leading back to the problems stated above.

* Study rooms are usually a cheaper alternative, but they are built either to be really quiet situations or there is a problem with being pushed out for the next customers.

* Refugees sometimes are embarrassed about beginning their journey into the world of English and would prefer not to be studying in open settings.

* Refugees getting help with public speeches sometimes discuss sensitive topics that may be uncomfortable discussing in a cafe or another open space.

We would like to get away from these problems by having TNKR students and tutors meet to study at our Study Center. It will give us a better chance to get to know them, they will feel better connected to TNKR, and they can study in a quiet study center expecting them. You can give a little or a latte. :-)

Donations to this project can be made anonymously and the amount you give won't be posted online, so a monthly donation can help us provide a safe space for refugees to study.

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