Help North Korean refugees learn English!

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This fundraiser supports Information into North Korea

About This Fundraiser

This fundraiser is dedicated to helping North Korean refugees learn English. As we know, learning a language isn’t just about learning the words, but also the culture and new ways of thinking and perceiving the world. Help us help them!

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About Information into North Korea

We are delighted to announce that TNKR has been offered a $5,000 Matching Grant Opportunity to explore ways to help North Korean refugees and defectors spread information inside North Korea. This means that the money donated to this fundraiser will be doubled!

TNKR has gained a solid reputation for its work with North Korean refugees adjusting to living outside of North Korea. In addition to helping North Korean refugees improve their English language skills, several refugees who have studied in the program have also gone on to write books and give speeches around the world.

We are now exploring ways to help refugees who hope to spread information inside North Korea.

We have a few activities in mind, which we hope not to have to announce with the North Korean regime possibly monitoring us, but we can share some of this information with donors and update after activities have been completed.

Here's a Washington Post article that explains the need to continue sending information into North Korea.

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