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About This Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser to support the Teaching North Korean Refugees organization. All money will be donated towards the organizations building fund so that North Korean Refugees have a safe space to learn and study English. By donating, you are making a difference in the lives of many individuals seeking to achieve a better life outside North Korea.

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About TNKR Building Fund

TNKR has received official notification that we may have to move out of our office.

One, our landlord has put the office location for sale in the real estate market.
Two, we have had numerous visitors to the office in the last few weeks and the agent responsible for selling the office says we can expect more.
Three, a prospective buyer would like to re-convert this office into a home.

Whatever the case may be, we don't have stability and need to find a new location in about three months. It is incredible because we get praise from so many, have been profiled by numerous media outlets, but have struggled with having a stable office location. This little office has been shown in numerous articles, videos, TV shows and photographs, but it will be time to say goodbye.

We had already outgrown this space, but are being pushed out ahead of schedule and financial means. Because we lack enough classroom space, most sessions are held at business centers or coffee shops. We have the possibility for funding support to subsidize those sessions so volunteers and refugees don't have to spend money, but it would be better if students and tutors visited our office more often for study sessions. We could get to know them better and learn from more frequent discussions how we can continue developing TNKR.

We are asking our volunteers, friends and fan to help us get prepared for a move, possibly having to spend more for the deposit and monthly rent. We got lucky with the current location, but we can’t be sure we will get lucky again.

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