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So recently I have been involved with this organization that helps teach English to North Korean Refugees. This part of the program caters especially to North Korean Mothers. As a mother I feel a strong responsibility to help other mothers in need. You might not understand why mothers in South Korea need to know English. But South Korea is a very competitive society and most mothers help their children to learn English so that their children can attend good universities. Without help from mothers, students can easily become frustrated and fall behind. I have seen this happen before in many of my classes. If you have children, then you know how much involvement is needed to further your child's education. Sadly, most people in North Korea don't get many opportunities to learn English so when they arrive in South Korea they are unable to participate well in this highly competitive society, but there is a chance for their children if they can receive some sort of intervention . By focusing on the mothers, we are also giving to the children and possibly impacting generations.

I know I want my son to have as many opportunities as possible. I expect that all mothers want the same for their families. So let's try to help these mothers learn English. Who knows what kind of small advantage could change their lives. :)

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About English tutoring for NK refugee mothers

According to South Korea's Ministry of Unification, more than 31,000 North Korean refugees have escaped to South Korea since the late 1990s. Overall, 71 percent of them are females, and the trend is even higher. In 2017, about 83 percent of them who arrived in South Korea are females. As has been reported by various reporters and organizations, many of them were victims of sex trafficking or sold as wives in China as they were escaping to freedom.

In addition to the challenges they have as immigrants to a new country and as women settling in a new male-dominated society, those who are mothers have children they brought from North Korea or China, or had after arriving in South Korea. Like mothers everywhere, they focus on their children, making them the priority rather than developing themselves.

For a few years now, TNKR has been considering ways to help North Korean refugee mothers who would sometimes drop out of our program because of childcare issues.

We recently received a grant for our proposal to set up a project offering Skype tutoring for North Korean refugee mothers who cannot easily commute for face-to-face tutoring in English. The grant is good for three months, we would like to raise more funding for this project to keep it going in the future and to also provide some support for TNKR to administer this project (all of the grant money is going directly to the program, meaning the program cannot continue beyond the current three-month allocation).

If we can keep this project going, we would like to expand it so that the project can also support occasional face-to-face tutoring sessions by tutors who can visit refugees near their homes. We have other additions in mind that could continue providing support for North Korean refugee mothers adjusting to living in South Korea while also raising their children.

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