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My birthday is on July 7th. I expect the everyone to give me a birthday present this year. I expect a donation to TNKR. I will be matching all the donations up 700,000 Korean Won.

I love living in South Korea, and I absolutely love helping North Korean refugees learn English, and doing my part to make TNKR a sustainable organization. TNKR gives a voice to the refugees, and it also allows them to make their own choices. This program is built around the refugees, so that they have every opportunity to succeed and truly find out what it means to be free.

I urge you to donate to TNKR, there is not a better organization that I have ever seen that does so much wonderful work with the money that we receive.

Remember, don't tell the birthday boy no!!!!

Thank you!

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About Donate Where It Matters

There are so many organizations out there that take donations, but do not effectively use the money to help those that are in need. After working for TNKR for 6 months, I can say that 100% of your donation goes to help North Korean refugees. The co-Founders don't earn any money, as a matter of fact no one that works at TNKR earns a single dime. It is the most amazing organization for you to support. You can be assured that your money will truly help improve the lives of North Korean refugees.
I will match donations up to $700 US.

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