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This fundraiser supports Giving Voice to North Korean Refugees

About This Fundraiser

Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR) is a nonprofit organization in Seoul that supports North Korean refugees by providing high-quality English education. I started volunteering for TNKR after attending TNKR's 5th English Speech Contest where 7 refugees spoke about their harrowing, death defying experiences as they escaped to safety in South Korea. Currently, I'm fundraising for TNKR, helping develop TNKR's Track 2 (speech coaching), and working one-on-one with TNKR learners. My goal is to help refugee learners achieve their goals and become effective and empowering communicators.

I'll mail you a pack of awesome Korean stickers for every 10,000 won (about $9.00) you donate. Simply make your donation and then email me your sticker preferences (and mailing address) at tonydocan@hotmail.com. I have (or can find) all sorts of Korean stickers--traditional Korean weddings, food stickers, flag stickers, flower stickers, Seoul landmark stickers, Paw Patrol cartoon stickers, almost anything Disney, animals, Kakao emojis, hilarious stickers about romantic relationships, stickers of kids playing, food stickers, flag stickers, flower stickers, Seoul landmark stickers. I can also send a variety pack. Thanks for considering it! -Tony

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About Giving Voice to North Korean Refugees

TNKR, a volunteer-based nonprofit NGO, supports North Korean refugees who are transitioning to life outside of North Korea and preparing for their future by providing them with free English language learning opportunities. Nearly one-third of North Korean refugees who drop out of college do so because of English difficulties. Similarly, more than 40% of North Korean refugees picked communication problems from the use of foreign languages as the biggest difficulty in assimilation. English has had a major impact on refugees’ lives and career prospects.

TNKR helps refugees during the assimilation process and enables refugees to achieve their educational and professional goals, while also spreading awareness and working toward solutions regarding the plight of North Korean refugees. Refugees’ voices are the heart and soul of TNKR. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to help TNKR continue to offer learning opportunities for refugees and ensure that refugees' voices are heard.

**TNKR in USA Today: North Korean defectors must overcome big challenge once free: Learn English https://usat.ly/2CxyrJQ

**Watch TNKR Special Ambassador Cherie Yang's TEDx Talk, "My Arduous Journey for Freedom, Family, and the Future." I was honored to serve as one of her coaches. https://youtu.be/grNEeGe6i5o

**Watch Casey Lartigue Jr. and Eunkoo Lee's TEDx Talk about how we can make a difference in the world. Their speech is inspiring for everyone AND it tells the story of TNKR. I helped coach them and produced the final video; they were the brave ones who created TNKR and gave the talk! https://youtu.be/yFaXvG-rSmQ

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