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Join us for this entertaining story telling fund raising event. Hosted by Manuel Dume. All of the proceeds from the event will be given to TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees) in support of their wonderful program.

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Manuel J. Dume'

In 1959 when he was 2 years old Manuel's mother fled the Dominican Republic to escape the countries dictator Rafael Trujillo. The regime's Military Intelligence Service had marked her for death. She was able to escape to the United States and under the 1951 Refugee Convention applied for Political Asylum.

After the assassination of Dictator Trujillo in 1961 the process of reunification with his mother began. In 1964 when he was seven years old he landed at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City completing the reunification.

In 1992 a full 2 years before the North American Free Trade agreement (NAFTA) came into effect he arrived to Mexico city as an International Business Consultant. He was one of the first business entrepreneurs to establish himself in Latin America in preparation for the agreement. Millions of dollars of the products he introduced to the Latin American market by way of NAFTA are still being sold this day.

From 2003 to present he has lived under a Doctrine of Non Accumulation (Vows of Poverty), dedicating his life to social awareness, developing community programs and creating an International society of young professionals. He has created an individual brand he has named “World United”. By way of his World United Cultural Travel programs he has traveled over 300,000 miles with more then 2,000 young men and women from more then 40 different countries.


In the history of United States and South Korean Foreign relations, he is believed to be the only U.S Citizen to have accomplished the following:

Prior to his Diplomatic appointments he served in the Republic of Korea as a United States soldier during the period of 1977 to 1982 and served in every single rank from Private E-1, E-2, Private First Class E-3, Specialist E-4, Sergeant E-5 and as the Military Non Commissioned Officers Academy Administrator & Instructor.

In 1981 when Seoul was awarded the 1988 summer Olympics he was flown to U.S territory in Hawaii and was granted United States citizenship expeditiously. After the award to Seoul he was also the first U.S Military soldier authorized to honorably end his term of service in the Republic of Korea with out having to return to the United States. In 1983 he became the first American to be a full time English Language Instructor for a Korean Conglomerate. During a four year period it is estimated he taught close to a thousand students.

During this period although a United States Citizen he was granted permission to accept appointment as Honorary Cultural Attache for the Dominican Republic. From 1986 to 1988 he was honored with official Presidential Diplomatic appointments to Cultural Attache, First Secretary, Charge De Affairs, and in February of 1988 was designated as a special delegate to the Presidential Inauguration of the first Diplomatic elected President of the Republic of Korea.

During this amazing decade he enjoyed becoming the first Foreigner to be a Master of Ceremonies for a K-Pop Diva's musical concert ( Lee Eun Ha), he was given the responsibility to insure the safety of the sons of famous Hall of Fame U.S Baseball stars Hank Aaron and Ernie Banks during their visit to Seoul in 1982. He coordinated the very first cultural exchanges between the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Korea welcoming Dominican singing star Sergio Hernandez, the first Dominican National Baseball team and others. Along with Ambassador Jose Angel Savinon he founded the first Dominican Embassy in Seoul.

In August of 1988 one month prior to the opening ceremonies of the Seoul, Olympics he was given the honor to be present at the Republic of Korea's Blue House for the presentation of credentials of the new Dominican Ambassador, this ceremony signaled his farewell, the end as the Head of Mission for the Dominican Republic as Charge D' Affairs A.I and a United States citizen serving as a Diplomat for a foreign government. He was proud to have supported the 1988 Olympics and the country he has always held dearly in his heart.

He said farewell to Seoul after arriving when he was twenty years old as a United States Army Private and left when he was thirty one years old, a departing Head of Mission Foreign Diplomat. During this period he was only away from the country for two years in 1979-1980 when he return to the United States to become the first Dominican American to serve in the very first Elite U.S Army Ranger Battalion.

He describes the 9 years he lived in the Land of the morning calm as the best years of his life, and now after 29 years he has returned..

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About Manny Dume's fundraiser for TNKR

Join us for this entertaining story telling fund raising event. Hosted by Manuel Dume. All of the proceeds from the event will be given to TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees) in support of their wonderful program.

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