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About This Fundraiser

This fundraiser is intended to give 1 already published author a chance to record an audio version of their book. The recording will be done on an existing audiobook platform, on Naver's Audioclip or Amazon's Audible, for instance, so that people who are too busy to read can listen to the book while they are on their way to work or getting ready to sleep!

Once the author and the book have been selected by the TNKR officers, he or she will get one training session with an audiobook expert, and get to record his/her book over 3 recording sessions of 2-3 hours each. Once the audio version has been created, he or she can monitor who is listening to the book online and decide if he/she wants to continue and decide if they want to record other pieces of their writing.

This will be a great opportunity for the writer to reach a wider audience, but also to learn a digital tool that will be useful for his/her career later in life.

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About TNKR (signed) Book Club

Give. Educate. Learn.

TEACH NORTH KOREAN REFUGEES is a project and book club started to help people - refugees. And while it is for helping people, you'll also be having a little bit of fun doing it, that is, if you're into books.

By donating you'll get to be a part of a book drawing when we have a book club discussion - a chance to win a signed copy of a book written by a North Korean refugee.


Books such as:

* Dear Leader by Jang Jin-sung
* A Thousand Miles from Freedom by Eunsun Kim
* Every Falling Star by Sungju Lee
* In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park
* Under the Same Sky by Joseph Kim
* The Aquariums of Pyongyang

* Sunhee by Lee Ju Song
3층 서기실의 암호 by 태영호 (Thae Yong-ho)

And what's more? You even have a say over the book you would like to win by - emailing Casey Lartigue CJL@ to let him know which book you would like when you win.

Give. Educate. Learn.

To find more resources about North Korea, check the archive that TNKR is compiling.

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