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This fundraiser supports Casey Lartigue's fundraiser for TNKR

About This Fundraiser

TNKR Special Ambassador Ken Eom has faced many challenges in his life.

* He was born in North Korea.
* He endured 10 years of hell in the North Korean military.
* When his family's songbun (class ranking) in North Korea was downgraded, he struggled to get employed at even menial jobs.
* He escaped to South Korea.
* Against the odds, he got accepted into graduate school at the prestigious Korea University.

Now he is facing another tough battle: Being a dad!

His wife just gave birth to a baby boy. As they start on this new journey, let's hold an online baby shower for them. They are North Korean refugees who have both studied in TNKR and Ken is a Special Ambassador who has donated to and raised money for TNKR.

And now they have given birth to a South Korean baby!

In additional to financial gifts at this critical time, they said they would also be delighted with baby clothes and toys to be delivered to the TNKR office. 서울시 마포구 독막로길180-8(신수동) 04087

You can read about Ken here:

CBC Canada

Yonhap News


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About Casey Lartigue's fundraiser for TNKR

On March 1, 2012, I made a commitment to get involved with helping North Korean refugees. After a year of getting involved with various activities, on March 3, 2013, I co-founded along with South Korean researcher Eunkoo Lee an organization helping North Korean refugees.

Originally named "English Matching," Teach North Korean Refugees has helped more than 350 North Korean refugees with adjusting to living outside of South Korea. We have done this on a tight budget, relying on our volunteers and fans. Despite our limitations, we have had a number of success stories and are a non-profit that North Korean refugees seek out.

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