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Fundraiser by Mihalina
₩101,401 remaining
₩98,599 raised
50% of ₩200,000 goal
This fundraiser supports Tutors--Matching group 75

About This Fundraiser

There once was a teacher who wrote a ton
She joined TNKR and got a lot done
But when it came to fundraising
She said, "I could do some fun phrasing!"
So each limerick is five thousand won.

If you would like a
Haiku (or two) mine will cost
Ten Thousand won. Each.

But if you like lines
(I certainly do)
And three is far too few
A Haiku will not work for you!
So I'll write something longer
Something more grand, for fifteen thousand won!
Free style, Dr. Seus style, or Seus-free style (no nonsense) lines
Let me know what you want in the donation guidelines!

What if you forgot a birthday?
Daresay, an anniversary.
A sleek sonnet could salvage Halmark's cliches
And will protect you from words common and cursory.
A price of twenty thousand is for lines so witty
Don't your loved ones deserve something pretty?

P.S. Please specify what poem you would like.
Do NOT use anonymous, or I can't verify who wants which poem. When you donate, I will send you an email so I can verify your donation, and you can tell me what type of poem you want. Then, I will send you your poem(s)! :)

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