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This fundraiser supports Yeonmi Park's fundraiser for TNKR

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One million won is less than one thousand dollars. I want to raise money for people who have risked death to pursue their lives. Who also have been treated as inhuman in becoming defectors of North Korea. I’ve volunteered to teach them English but I want to do more for them.

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About Yeonmi Park's fundraiser for TNKR

A lot of you often have asked me how you can help the situation in North Korea. So this is the chance where you can make that difference. TNKR gives voices to North Korea defectors to share their stories internationally by teaching them English for free. This is really a tip of iceberg of what they are doing. The founders of TNKR and the volunteers that I met showed me an unconditional care and that gave me a confidence that we can free North Koreans if we know what is going on.

I hope we do something positive to show that people are still kind and we still have hope in this world. I am eternally grateful for all your support and please give any little amount you can or just share with your friends. You could become an individual donor to help TNKR become a sustainable organization or donating once is fine too.

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