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Please join myself (Peter Daley), my band 2Much, some richly talented musical friends, and the Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR) crew on Saturday June 3 at The Hidden Cellar in Haebangcheon, Seoul from 7:30 pm for a night celebrating the music of Prince all in aid of a most worthy cause. Here is the event's Facebook:

Thank you Camarata Music Company for this blog post in Korean:

I've been volunteering with TNKR for more than two years now, and I have to say I've received so much more than I have given. It is truly an honor and a privilege to be able to assist the brave and inspiring people I've worked with and to be part of a growing NGO that has helped hundreds.

Furthermore, it's wonderful to be able to combine my love for music with my appreciation for TNKR and the opportunities it has provided me and so many others. I'm also very grateful for Cherie Yang, TNKR ambasador and winner of the 5th TNKR Speech Contest, who will attend and give a talk towards the end of the night. I've heard her give a few talks now, and I've been brought to tears every time.

The music of the night will start with some Prince covers by the previously mentioned richly talented friends - I'll be joining some of them with my trusty guitar. Following that, my band will perform a few Prince songs and then close out the night with crowd pleasers from our regular set lists. There will also be a raffle with prizes given away throughout the night.

A big thank you to my 2Much bandmates and to my musical musical friends for taking this opportunity to be involved. Also, an equally big thank you to The Hidden Cellar's crew for allowing us to use the bar.

If you can't join us on the night, please consider donating through this page. If you are not familiar with TNKR, here are a few articles and links about its activities and some of the brave people it has helped:

TNKR Homepage:

Here is a collections of articles about the lives of North Koreans living beyond the borders of their home country:

Here are a few videos of 2Much and our Facebook:

Finally, here are some photos of the jpyous behind-the-scenes musical preparations:

Thanks for reading!

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This page will announce Matching Donation Opportunities for TNKR. To convert to US $, click the drop-down menu at the top to change from Korean Won to US dollars.

So far this fundraiser has generated two successful Matching Gift opportunities for TNKR. We now have two opportunities that will be wrapped into one!

Opportunity 3:
When: Launching July 1 (but donations raised now can also be added to the total retroactively)!
What: The law firm of Shin and Kim has offered a 2 million won donation ($1,767) to TNKR to help us with the speech contest.
Status: Active!

Opportunity 2:
Status: Completed!
When: Announced on May 26, completed on June 10.
Deadline: June 15
What: Two anonymous donors have offered donations that can be matched totaling almost 4 million won (about $3,500). That means that every donation really matters because it helps us chip away at that 4 million won total!

* Opportunity 1
Status: Completed!
When: Announced on May 2, completed on May 6.
What: TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue matched the first 1 million won (about $900).

Half of these Matching donation opportunities will be used to help TNKR with its international expansion and the other half will be used for TNKR's operations. As of June 1, TNKR has no paid staff, that means that all donations will support operations.

You can also donate through the TNKR bank account:
Woori Bank

email to confirm your donation is credited to this matching opportunity.

TNKR began as a humble gathering in March 2013 when we matched a handful of North Korean refugees with volunteer tutors in Seoul. Since then, more than 280 refugees have studied with more than 580 volunteer tutors and coaches.

English is important to helping refugees access opportunities in South Korea. According to one study, 32 percent of refugees drop out of school because of problems with English (that's even higher than 28 percent who dropped out to earn money). Of refugees who said they considered dropping out, another 33 percent cited English as a reason. English is needed for employment tests in South Korea, so many refugees get eliminated almost immediately.

After our recent trip to the UK, we learned that refugees there are also struggling with English. We hope that we can provide support for refugees there.

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