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I have recently become part of a non-profit organization in Seoul, South Korea called TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees). This organization provides one-to-one private English tutoring sessions to North Korean refugees in Seoul. There are currently about 31,530 North Koreans who have successfully crossed over to South Korea since the late 1990s. However, as these refugees try to adjust to their new found freedom, the biggest problem that they face is ironically the language barrier. As the English influence becomes more predominant in the Korean language, North Korean refugees not only have a hard time understanding these adapted Korean words (also known as "Konglish") but also have a hard time finding jobs in the South Korean job market where English is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for success. According to the research provided by South Korea's Unification Ministry, about 35% of refugees are unemployed and another 80% find themselves working unskilled jobs. By providing an opportunity to learn English, TNKR allows refugees to build a future beyond the barriers of North Korea.

TNKR volunteers, such as I, provide free one-to-one tutoring sessions at least twice a month for 90 minutes a session. We focus on a variety of topics including reading comprehension, writing, pronunciation, speaking, grammar, and much more. These sessions are personalized to each of the refugees needs. More than 340 North Korean refugees have studied with about 750 tutors since 2013.

As a Korean-American, I am more than grateful to be part of this organization that helps North Korean refugees to find their own lives in South Korea. Being bilingual in Korean and English myself, I have first-handedly experienced the power of education and I hope to spread this skill to those who need it the most.

I am asking you to support as much or as little as you can to help support TNKR. Your donations will be used to provide classrooms and other materials that are needed to create the best learning environment possible. If you are unable to donate, please support by bringing awareness to TNKR by sharing this post. Thank you so much!

Since this organization is in South Korea, the currency is in South Korean Won (₩)
$1 US Dollar equals to about 1,076,38 South Korean Won (₩)
(i.e. 5,000 ₩ = $4.65)

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