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Hello family and friends!

Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR) is a non-profit organization in Seoul that provides English language education to North Korean Refugees. I am a volunteer tutor with this fantastic company.
TNKR needs donations to pay for study centres in Seoul so the North Koreans Refugees can have a quiet place to be taught English. By being able to speak the language they will be more likely to stay in education and pursue a career that will give them a better opportunity in life. This is much deserved after the hardship that many of them have faced before coming to South Korea.

This is my fundraiser. Both TNKR and I would really appreciate if you donated what you could to the cause. Give me your address and I will send you a care package from Korea once you have donated.

€1 = 1,268.70 South Korean Won (KRW)

• If you donate 7,000 won (approx. €5.50) I will send you a postcard from Korea.
• If you donate 13,000-24,000 (approx. 10-19 euro) you can choose two items from the list below.
• If you donate 26,000 won (approx. 20 euro) or more I will send you four items from the list below and a complimentary strawberry candle.

You can choose from…
• A postcard from Korea
• A paper-light Korean style hand fan
• A Handmade pun card (blank inside)
• A necklace with your name translated to Korean on a wooden pendant.

Thank you for your generosity! :-)

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