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About This Fundraiser

This TNKR fundraiser is being created by me, a TNKR representative. It is being established in honor of my 50th year Wedding Anniversary celebration of life with Charlie Appleton. He is a man like no other. His kind, trusting and endearing ways along with his friendship, love and steadfast devotion, has been a Blessing to me like no other in my life.

Instead of sending me an anniversary gift, I am asking everyone I know to donate $50 to TNKR, my favorite organization in the world. For the past three years I have watched dedicated individuals such as the TNKR co-Founders Casey Lartigue, Jr., and Eunkoo Lee on Facebook.

They too have given their loving and steadfast devotion offering opportunities to North Korean refugees who have risked their lives to leave an oppressed land, NK, in hopes of finding a new life of freedom and opportunity in South Korea.

In my old age I have spent long hours from afar on FB in Tennessee USA, watching this all-volunteer growing organization do marvelous things. It has brought great meaning to my life. I have tried to encourage them in their mission on social media supporting them in every way that I can.

This fundraiser is just another way to show my love and devotion to them.
So please take a moment to donate through my fundraiser to help them in their efforts to assure that the NK refugees succeed in SK society.

Please and thank you for giving to this organization whose funds are limited to donors like you.

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About General Fund

In November 2016, the Ministry of Unification in South Korea reported that the number of North Korean refugees escaping to South Korea had surpassed 30,000. Various media report various challenges that refugees face in adjusting to South Korea. An estimated 35 percent of refugees are unemployed, 80 percent work in menial jobs, and refugees who are employed earn 50% of what South Koreans earn.

Escaping North Korea is the first battle many refugees face. Many report that English is a major barrier for many of them, as they struggle with "Konglish" words that have seeped into the South Korean language. TNKR helps refugees by connecting them with volunteer tutors. Since its founding in March 2013, TNKR has connected 315 refugees with more than 650 volunteer tutors and coaches.

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