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About This Fundraiser

North Korean refugee, Cherie's Mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She does not have medical insurance because it is to expensive for her to afford. She is living in the United states with her 2 daughters. She is from NK and her journey to freedom and a better life for her family wasn't easy.

At this point, Cherie's Mom's medical expenses are exorbitant. and she has no way of paying them. The dying wish of Cherie's father was for his wife and daughters to come to the United States to enjoy the fruits of freedom which never existed for them in NK.

The surgery needs to be done immediately. Want you help her by donating a one-tme amount or donating monthly. Cherie needs your support. It would break Cherie's heart to loose her Mom she loves so dearly. Please grant her request by donating to the fundraiser I have created. Cherie thanks you and so do I.

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About Cherie's Mom

Cherie's mom is fighting breast cancer. Let's support her fight against this terrible disease.

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