Every Falling Star by Sungju Lee (autograph)

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This fundraiser supports North Korean refugee advocates for TNKR

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My name is Sungju Lee. I am the author of “Every Falling Star,” and I am a North Korean refugee.

“Every Falling Star” is my story about growing up on the streets of North Korea. At 12 years-old, I had to learn how to steal, fight, and beg to survive. I was always hungry, I was always afraid of being arrested, imprisoned, or executed. This is not just my story, this is the story of many others like me, many other North Koreans that grew up in North Korea under the brutal regime of the Kim family. Those of us that escaped the prison of North Korea and found our way to freedom faced another problem. The lack of quality education that we had received, especially in English, hampered our ability to realize our full freedom.

In South Korea, it is a necessity to know how to speak English if you want to advance in this highly competitive society. Additionally, for those like me, telling our story in English helps put the past in the past, and to only look towards the future. TNKR is the best organization for helping North Korean refugees learn English. Through 1:1 tutoring, it allows us to choose the path for studying English, it allows us to tell our stories and educate the world about what happens in North Korea, and it allows us to reduce our fear of the “West” by learning English from the kindest of volunteers. More than that, TNKR empowers refugees, it gives them a choice in their lives, the ability to choose their own destiny.

I urge you to empower TNKR by donating 150,000 Korean Won, and I will personally sign the book with love and gratitude. Additionally, THANK YOU for helping the North Korean refugees that will come to TNKR. Thank you for giving them a voice that can be heard around the world.


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About North Korean refugee advocates for TNKR

Eleven North Korean refugees have set up fundraisers supporting TNKR. It is incredible because many of them had no concept of civil society before joining our organization. After studying with volunteers, many of them say they hope to volunteer one day.

Some of them even take that next step--fundraising for TNKR!

Who are the eleven? They include published authors, public speakers, human rights activists, YouTubers, and low-profile students who all speak out on behalf of TNKR.


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