"Huge Setback For Female Dictators"

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NORTH KOREA—The world mourned another roadblock to progress this week as it was revealed that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was not dead. His sister, Kim Yo Jong, was slated to replace him upon his death, paving the way for murderous female dictators everywhere.

"The clock has been set back yet again," said feminist activist Claire Scholde. "North Korea was in the running to become a beacon of hope for women across the globe. Women could have looked at Kim Yo Jong and said 'look, a strong woman. She's like me. I can do that too. I can imprison people, torture my enemies, starve an entire country, tear apart families. Who can run the world's largest concentration camp? A woman can, that's who!'"

Scholde says the non-death of Kim Jong Un is just the patriarchy at work. "The greatest hindrance to feminine progress is men not dying. It's the epitome of sexism," Scholde added. "It just goes to show, Kim Jong Un is even more backward and regressive than his father and his father's father. At least they had the decency to die."

For the time being, North Korea will continue to be ruled over with an iron fist by Kim Jong Un, but hope remains that his sister could still replace him as soon as he dies of some other obesity-related disease because he is pretty, pretty fat.

Source: The Babylon Bee

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Note from TNKR: All of the donations will be used to support the education of North Korean refugees who won't be at risk of living under a scorned female dictator.

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About Happy Birthday, Casey Lartigue! (2019)

September 5th!!! It is the birthday of TNKR Co-founder Casey Lartigue Jr!! 

9월 5일은 TNKR의 공동대표,  케이시 대표님의 생일 입니다!!  

Mr. Casey is an American now living and working in South Korea. Instead of working as a researcher or commentator in the USA, he has been working directly with North Korean refugees for 7 years. Even though he isn't Korean, he established TNKR in 2013 along with Eunkoo Lee. Behind-the-scenes, he counsels, mentors and sponsors North Korean refugees.

TNKR 케이시 대표님은 한국에서 거주하며 일하고 계시는 미국인 대표 입니다. 미국에서 충분한 월급을 받을 수 있는 연구자 혹은 애널리스트의 삶보다는  한국에서 탈북민들의 영어공부를 돕는 삶을 살고 있습니다. 그리고 2013년 이은구 대표님과 함께  TNKR을 세우는 등 7여년간 탈북민을 위해서 일하고 있습니다.
 외국인임에도 불구하고, 탈북민들의 교육, 자유를 위해 끊임없는 열정을 가지고 있으며,  때로는 탈북민들의 상담자로, 멘토로 혹은 후원자로 함께하고 있습니다. 

We asked Mr. Casey how we could celebrate his birthday this year. We aren't surprised when he said: "A fundraiser for TNKR. All gifts for me, except expensive cars, can be donated to TNKR."
올해 케이시 대표님께 어떻게 생일을 축하하면 좋을지 여쭤봤습니다. 너무나 당연하다는듯이,  생일축하는 TNKR을 위한 후원모금으로 하자고 이야기하였습니다.  

Together, let's make a great fundraiser for TNKR, to honor Mr. Casey's great work. No contribution to this goal is too small, and we appreciate any help in supporting TNKR to continue working with North Korean Refugees. 
케이시 대표님의 생일을 함께 축하하고자 하는 모든 분들은 TNKR의 모금활동에 참여해주세요! 모금된 후원금은 앞으로 TNKR 발전을 위해 쓰일 것 입니다.

Please watch these testimonials from TNKR volunteers, staffers, fans, donors and, of course, North Korean refugee students wishing Mr. Casey a Happy Birthday!
후원을 통해서  케이시 대표님의 생일을 축하해주세요!
이 영상에서는 TNKR스텝, 봉사자,  후원자, 그리고 학생들의 생일 축하 메세지를 볼 수 있습니다.

Happy Birthday to Casey Lartigue, co-founder of the Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center!

Testimonials from: Yeonmi Park, Jang Jin-Sung, Ken Eom, Cherie Yang, Kang Nara, Eunhee Park, Sharon, Yuna Jung, Jade Kim, Chanyang, Hwang In-Cheol, John Schuldt, Youngmin Kwon, Georgene Zaydell, Injae Lee, Eben Appleton, Janice Kim, Park Eunjung and Lee Jungbin, Daniel, Han Minyoung, Joo Yeon, and TNKR staff.

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