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My name is Hyungmin Song, currently a rising senior attending Asia Pacific International School. I enjoy history, archery, baseball, and any other sport that involves people throwing or shooting things. Of course, I'm also into helping other people, whether it be financially, academically, or in some other way; assuming I actually CAN be of assistance, however.

Seeing as this is my last birthday as both a high school student and by extension, as part of the Global High School Union, I thought it only appropriate to do something to leave an impression.

FSI is a noble organization, headed by two equally amazing people, assisting North Korean refugees find their voice among the tumultuous mess that is South Korean society. The Global High School Union, as the name implies, is an extension of FSI which reaches into high schools all over the globe. We have members in the UK, the USA, South Korea, and even some from Australia, adding up to more than 100 members worldwide.

All the money donated here will be forwarded directly to FSI, so that they may continue to pursue this virtuous goal.

Also you won't have to buy me a birthday present.

Cheers, and do consider donating even a couple of dollars.
Hyungmin Song

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Happy Birthday FSI-GHSU Leadership TEAM!!

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