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About This Fundraiser

One of the many challenges North Korean refugees who live in South Korea face is learning the English language. Having this skill affords them more opportunities in education and the work force, as well as smoothing the transition into everyday activities. Your donation will help the TNKR organization to continue offering free English education services to refugees. Some of the programs they provide include 1:1 language tutoring, participation in refugee speaking contests, and hosting humanitarian conferences.

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About Sponsor a North Korean refugee intern

In 2020, one of TNKR's main goals will be engaging with North Korean refugees seeking employment and education opportunities.

As part of the initiative, TNKR hopes to hire North Korean refugees as interns in our office. We will offer refugees 500,000 won a month to intern with us.

Some of the students in TNKR have offered to intern for free or for miniumum amounts, as thanks, but we think it will be more meaningful for them and more of a commitment if they were paid at least a minimum amount.

You can help by becoming a monthly donor to this project. The more money we raise, the more interns we can employ (although three would probably be the maxiumum at any given time).

In addition to monthly donors, any donations could help this project.

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