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Hi everyone! As some of you may know, I've been volunteering with TNKR since September 2015. So, what is TNKR? It's an initialism for "Teach North Korean Refugees" and is a small (but growing!) NGO based in Seoul.

In South Korea, knowledge of the English language is surprisingly necessary. The South Korean dialect has many English loanwords and many South Korean companies do business with English-speaking people and countries. In order to not only fully integrate into South Korean society but to also give them a better chance at getting a better job, traveling with ease, and even learning about western cultures, TNKR has provided FREE English language lessons to North Korean refugees via volunteer tutors (like myself). So far, 260 North Korean refugees have been helped and there's even been English speech contests. Several North Korean refugees have even gone on to write books!

So what I'm asking of you is, if you can, to please donate any amount (even a dollar) to TNKR so that they can continue to afford rent on their office in Seoul. Thank you!

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About FSI Books

Many people have been inspired by great and interesting books.

Freedom Speakers International (FSI) has been working with five North Korean refugee authors who want to publish books in English. Based on our current progress, the first book will be published in December 2021, and four books will be published during 2022.

To help us kickstart this project, one of our donors has pledged $3,000 in seed funding and challenged us to match his donation. By supporting this project, you can receive the following benefits:

* Founding Member: You can be listed on our Website as a founding member of FSI's Book Publishing Project.

* North Korean refugee postcard. To thank you, we will send you a North Korean refugee postcard for any donation of at least $5.

* Ambassador. In addition to the above, work with FSI staff to market and promote the books to the world.

What's the number one question from some potential donors and curious people: How will we spend your donation to help us kickstart this project?

* INCENTIVE STIPEND: About one million books are published every year, but probably another 20 million books are unfinished and a countless number of people say "I want to write a book." Writing can be a lonely process, people want updates even when the only update is, 'I'm still writing." This stipend can encourage refugee authors as they are writing their books and also remind them that others are waiting for their books.

* MARKETING: There are marketing costs with any books. Your donation will help us inform more people about the books published through this project.

* PROOFING-READING & TRANSLATION: We have some volunteers who are helping us with getting the books prepared. In the end, we will need to pay professional editors to review the final versions of books to make them completely ready for publication, and professional translators to confirm some tricky language.

You can make your donation monthly or one-time to help us kickstart this project. Books change lives. We will empower North Korean refugees, to share their experiences and to change the lives of the people who read what they have written.

P.S.: Of course, if you wish to remain anonymous, that's fine too.

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