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Fundraiser by Jihyun

This fundraiser supports North Korean refugee advocates for TNKR

$190 raised

About This Fundraiser

North Koreans are one of the most persecuted peoples in the world today. North Korea is in a unique situation in terms of its governance and human rights abuses and North Korean refugees present a unique set of challenges and adversities to overcome.

I am a North Korean refugee, I escaped North Korea and made a new life for myself and my family in the UK. One program that gave me hope was Teach North Korean Refugees in Seoul. I am proud to have been a student and now to be collaborating with it to bring more opportunities to refugees in the UK and around the world.

--Jihyun Park

Recent Supporters

About North Korean refugee advocates for TNKR

Eleven North Korean refugees have set up fundraisers supporting TNKR. It is incredible because many of them had no concept of civil society before joining our organization. After studying with volunteers, many of them say they hope to volunteer one day.

Some of them even take that next step--fundraising for TNKR!

Who are the eleven? They include published authors, public speakers, human rights activists, YouTubers, and low-profile students who all speak out on behalf of TNKR.


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