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This fundraiser supports North Korean refugee advocates for TNKR

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About This Fundraiser

Hello! I am Jinmi Kim who loves TNKR so much. I am in Boston now where my former boss Casey Lartigue spent his college life. And I wanted to do something that could be of a little help for TNKR which I love so much.
I was a student in TNKR, winner of the 7th speech contest and also worked at TNKR as a special assistant for last three months.

I was involved with TNKR by chance, but now I feel so lucky that I've got to know this great organization and they've become one of the big parts of my life. While intimately getting along with TNKR directors, staff and volunteers, I learned there are something in this world that's more valuable than just economical things. But to do something special, you all know that we need the minimum financial stability.

I hope TNKR more grow someday to be able to provide students with some space to study and do more good things for North Korean refugee students like me.
It would be so greatful, you become a part of making the history of TNKR. Let's do it together.
Thank you so much!

* I am enjoyng the first time ever of my visit to USA, and the lesson from Casey that he gave before I came here is so helpful to understand Harvard :)

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About North Korean refugee advocates for TNKR

Eleven North Korean refugees have set up fundraisers supporting TNKR. It is incredible because many of them had no concept of civil society before joining our organization. After studying with volunteers, many of them say they hope to volunteer one day.

Some of them even take that next step--fundraising for TNKR!

Who are the eleven? They include published authors, public speakers, human rights activists, YouTubers, and low-profile students who all speak out on behalf of TNKR.


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