Hiking Bukhansan for NK refugees' education

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I've decided to hike Bukhansan ("North Korea Mountain") to raise some funds. It's not the highest peak in the world, but it's the highest one around Seoul and, as you many people know, I'm not the most active person, so it will most definitely be a challenge for me!!

Not long ago, I read an incredible book called "In Order To Live" by Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi is an incredibly inspiring woman who has thrived since escaping North Korea, and TNKR helped her on that path. She credits them for being "one of the turning points of [her] life outside of darkness", and says the volunteer tutors "showed [her] a hope for humanity through their love and care for people like [herself] who had nothing to offer."

I know times are hard now so no pressure to donate but if you have a bit to spare it's a great cause :)

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About General Fund

In November 2016, the Ministry of Unification in South Korea reported that the number of North Korean refugees escaping to South Korea had surpassed 30,000. Various media report various challenges that refugees face in adjusting to South Korea. An estimated 35 percent of refugees are unemployed, 80 percent work in menial jobs, and refugees who are employed earn 50% of what South Koreans earn.

Escaping North Korea is the first battle many refugees face. Many report that English is a major barrier for many of them, as they struggle with "Konglish" words that have seeped into the South Korean language. TNKR helps refugees by connecting them with volunteer tutors. Since its founding in March 2013, TNKR has connected 315 refugees with more than 650 volunteer tutors and coaches.

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