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Fundraiser by Jang

This fundraiser supports North Korean refugee advocates for TNKR

$175 raised

About This Fundraiser

Jang Jin-sung was a "psychological warfare officer" in North Korea. Since July 2016, he has recommended TNKR to numerous North Korean refugees. If you have been thinking about donating to TNKR, then you have an extra reason to do so: Mr. Jang will give signed copies of his book to donors who give at least 100,000 won to TNKR.

He recently issued a statement about TNKR:

"I am currently a board member of TNKR, a fact that I am very proud of. I have been offered board positions at various North Korea-related NGOs, but the one from TNKR is the only position that I accepted and am maintaining with pride.

To date, I have not met anyone who helps North Korean refugees more selflessly than the the two co-founders of TNKR. North Korean refugees should be thankful to them more than anyone. Even though I am a board member, I have never really helped TNKR, which is something that I truly regret. I sincerely hope that more North Korean refugees would learn English through TNKR.

South Korea is a small country. To succeed and stop being the object of sympathy, it is essential to master English. In particular, young North Korean college students should definitely graduate from TNKR’s program. It is a place where the efforts of resettlement, dreams, and ambitions of North Korean refugees are most well explained, and most well realized."

나는 현재 TNKR 이사직을 맡고 있다. 뿌듯하다. 지금까지 여러 북한NGO단체 이사직을 추천받았지만 다 거절하고 단 하나, 긍지를 갖고 유지하고 있는 이사직이다. TNKR 두 공동대표처럼 사심없이 탈북민들을 돕는 단체장을 지금껏 보지 못했다. 탈북민들이 가장 감사해야 할 분들이다. 나는 이사라지만 크게 도움 준 적도 없다. 미안함을 넘어 죄송하다. 바라건대 더 많은 탈북민들이 TNKR을 통해 영어를 익혔으면 한다. 한국은 좁다. 동정의 한계를 벗어나 성공하려면 영어가 필수이다. 특히 젊은 탈북 대학생들의 경우 TNKR을 졸업해야 한다. 탈북민이라서 필요한 정착의 노력, 꿈, 야망이 가장 쉽게 설명되고, 또 실행시켜주는 곳이기 때문이다.

(Translated from Korean to English by Youngmin Kwon)

Recent Supporters

About North Korean refugee advocates for TNKR

Eleven North Korean refugees have set up fundraisers supporting TNKR. It is incredible because many of them had no concept of civil society before joining our organization. After studying with volunteers, many of them say they hope to volunteer one day.

Some of them even take that next step--fundraising for TNKR!

Who are the eleven? They include published authors, public speakers, human rights activists, YouTubers, and low-profile students who all speak out on behalf of TNKR.


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