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English is one of the most important languages in terms of business, economy and politics.
As a result, English is taught in many schools in many countries from as early as 1st grade — to cope with globalization and a more internationalized world.

North Koreans unfortunately do not have the opportunity to properly learn English — much less like their counterparts in the South, who have been known to be very ambitious English learners.
This huge gap makes it even harder for North Koreans in the South to properly integrate and possibly find jobs, since English skills and TOEFL scores are becoming of huge importance in the South.

This is why I started this fundraiser for the organization that coordinates North Korean refugees and volunteers who teach English.

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About How to help North Koreans

"What should be done about North Korea?" "How can we help North Koreans and North Korean refugees?" TNKR has put those questions to refugees studing in the organization. Several refugees are now developing projects, with assistance from TNKR volunteers, to create and develop orginal and authentic projects related to North Korea.

TNKR learners are in charge of the projects, developing leadership and management skills. They can also develop projects giving advice to others who want to increase freedom for North Koreans still in North Korea or to help North Koreans adjust to living in the outside world.

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