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This is as close as I ever got to North Korea...a picture across the divide, but during my time in South Korea I was able to work with an amazing organization, where I could help people from North Korea in some small way. Some of you may remember my Seoul marathon run for TNKR a while back! And now, there is another awesome opportunity to support their work with North Korean refugees - through a matching donation challenge! Anything that you give now will be matched by a very generous donor.

Just an overview of why you should consider donating: TNKR is an organization based in Seoul that pairs North Korean refugees with English tutors - one to one. English is SO important to learn in South Korea, hence the reason I had a job there. But it's very expensive to enroll in English programs. TNKR provides this opportunity for refugees for free!! Being involved as a volunteer English tutor with TNKR is one of my favorite experiences from my year in Korea. This organization also pairs refugees up with speech coaches if they would like to have the opportunity to tell their stories. AND they are starting a new mentorship program!

What's not to love? And this is a great time to support them, since your donation will be matched!

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About Happy Birthday Eunkoo Lee!

Hello Everyone! I am Eunkoo Lee, co-founder and co-president of Freedom Speakers International (FSI). We were formerly TNKR.

My Birthday is Feb 10th! 

The meaning of my birthday has changed, depending on my situation.

* Growing up: When I was young, my birthday was during the school vacation. I rarely met with friends on my birthday (No phone or email, especially for a country girl like myself). It was a special day for eating cake and receiving gifts from my family. I could feel love from my family on birthday.

* Becoming an adult, my birthday became a time to meet close friends. In some cases, we might only talk on each other's birthdays. We could find out: "Hey! You are still ALIVE!!!" I would then celebrate my birthday with family and friends.

* Now as the co-founder of FSI, my birthday is associated with Freedom Speakers International. Being the leader of this organization has changed me in so many ways, I can feel the warmth of the world around me. I have always been a shy person, I usually only talk to people who are really close to me. Because of FSI, I have been meeting people from around the world. I now celebrate my birthday for a good cause with family, friends, and colleagues and people around the world.

* With every birthday, I always appreciate my co-founder Casey Lartigue Jr. He is the person who encouraged me to be at the front (not just working behind the scenes) and inspires me to take practical action. It has made me a POSITIVE person.

NOW I am setting up a birthday fundraiser and telling people to DONATE to celebrate my birthday. A few years ago, I could not have imagined doing this kind of thing. Casey reminds me that he encouraged me many times to set up a fundraiser, but I hesitated. Finally, when I tried, I only asked me mother and sisters.

YES!! Please make a donation to this fundraiser and join a good cause to help FSI become a solid organization.

Thank you!

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