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About This Fundraiser

TNKR is a wonderful nonprofit that provides free English language education for North Korean refugees. I humbly ask that you consider donating. I have been a dedicated, passionate volunteer for TNKR, and know that all donations are used for real expenses such as paying rent for their education center and sending refugees to speak at events like TEDx. This is my birthday wish. As I have stated earlier, my track record is non-existent, so even a $5 donation would beat that record!

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  • Pam 2 months ago
  • Eddie Lee 6 months ago
  • Eben V. 2 years ago
  • Eunkoo 3 years ago

About Voices from the North

During 2021, the Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center (TNKR) will be focused on the "Voices from the North" project. The major activities of the project will be partnering with North Korean refugees who seek to:

* publish books in English.

* become more engaged with public speaking.

* participate in at least one English speech contest.

* speak at an international forum.

* share their insights in roundtable discussions.

If you would like to hear a variety of North Korean stories, become a monthly donor to this special project.

* * *

TNKR will be holding its 12th English speech contest on February 28, 2021. You can check here for updates:

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