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This fundraiser supports Haanong's Monthly Matching Donation Challenge

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About This Fundraiser

It's my birthday soon. This year is still a difficult year but also very meaningful. I want to do as much as possible to bring awareness about North Korean Refugees.
I know it is difficult maybe for you but I hope you can open your mind and your heart. If you are aware of what is happening in North Korea and of you talk about it to someone else than it will be meaningful. Thank you so much.

C'est bientôt mon anniversaire. Cette année est encore une année difficile mais aussi pleine de sens. Je veux faire le plus possible afin de sensibiliser le public aux réfugiés nord-coréens.
Je sais que c'est peut-être difficile pour vous mais j'espère que vous pourrez ouvrir votre esprit et votre cœur. Si vous êtes au courant de ce qui se passe en Corée du Nord et que vous en parlez à quelqu'un d'autre, cela aura un sens. Merci beaucoup.

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About Haanong's Monthly Matching Donation Challenge

Last year the owners of the Haanong Furniture company learned about Matching Donations for non-profit organization. They told the co-founders of FSI (then TNKR) that they would like to have a Matching Donation challenge of their own.

That time has arrived! They will be matching up to $2,000 a month.

What can you do?

Donate whatever you can. If we have 400 donors giving $5 a month then every month we can match what Haanong has generously offered. Every monthly donation can help us reach the monthly goal of $2,000.

People often say that South Koreans don't care about North Korean refugees, but the owners of Haanong have been supporting FSI ever since they learned about us in April 2018. They have been inspired by the staff, volunteers and refugees connected with FSI. One thing that really impressed them is that not only do volunteers give their time, but some even raise money for the organization.

Learn more about Haanong: Website and YouTube channel (please subscribe).

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