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Hello, this is Sharon Jang.
I defected from North Korea in 2011 and entered South Korea in 2012.I lived in a place that can be described as hell on earth.

I worked in the Aoji Coal Mine.

I worked 14 to 15 hours a day as a teenage girl in a dark and scary place.

I saw my fellow miners die when tunnels collapsed. I am still angry at the memory of working there.

Previously, I could only talk about what I saw and experienced. But now, beyond the story, we are starting a fundraising activity to help more people tell their stories.

People know that North Korea is a place without human rights.

I am joining this fundraising campaign with the hope that more North Korean defectors could share their voices.

Please join us so that many North Korean defectors can speak their own voices.

안녕하세요 샤론장입니다.
저는 2011년도에 탈북하여 2012년도에 한국에 입국하였습니다.
제가 살던곳은 저에게는 고향이면서도 지옥입니다.
저는 그곳에서 아오지탄광에서 일을 했습니다.
하루에 14~15시간을 어둡고 무서운 곳에서 10대 여자의 몸으로 일을 했습니다.
갱도가 무너져 사람이 죽어도 그곳에서 일을했던기억에 지금도 화가 납니다.
하지만 제가 할수 있는것은 오로지 제가 본 것과 경험한것들을 이야기 하는 것뿐이였습니다.
그러나 지금은 이야기를 넘어 더많은 사람들이 이야기에 동참할수 있도록 돕기 위해 모금활동을 시작하게 되었습니다.
모두가 아시다시피 북한은 인권이 없는 곳입니다.
저는 이범 모금활동을 통해 더많이 탈북민들이 한목소리를 낼수있었으면 하는 마음으로 동참하게 되었습니다.
많은 탈북민들이 각자의 목소리를 낼수 있도록 동참해주세요.

Recent Supporters

About Tutor North Korean refugees

In late 2020, TNKR (now FSI) leadership made the difficult decision to suspend its English tutoring project. From 2013-20, we had more than 450 North Korean refugees and more than 1,000 volunteers study together, mainly in our Track 1 English tutoring program. We hope to resume the tutoring project, if we can get adequate funding to run it as a first-rate program.

The main reasons we suspended English language tutoring:

* COVID. The changes brought about by the virus destroying the world also harmed our organization and special approach.

* Finances: With a decrease in fundraising, it was going to be more difficult to simultaneously operate three programs.

* Organization growth: With COVID and with an anticipated drop in grassroots funding, it made sense to downsize our programming and to focus on what we could do well.

* Expertise: The co-founders are not experts in ESL or EFL, but one co-founder is a public speaker and a professor teaching public speaking. Even with no volunteers, he could run that project on his own. With the English language program, however, we were relying on volunteers when we should have had paid professionals. And that goes back to finances, we are not wealthy enough to have a paid staffer managing the English language tutoring project.

* * *

The main reasons we are considering resuming our tutoring project:

* We survived COVID! We had so much uncertainty during 2020, we weren't confident we could survive as an organization. Several organizations that we have partnered with have died, and that was a real possibility for us. Before our cheerleaders get out their pom-poms, we won't operate as we did in the past. In our naive days, we would do the work, then go online to raise money later. That was fine when we were still in our formative years, but the second time around, we will operate as most organizations do: Raise the funding, then do the work. (Kind of like most employees in the world won't keep showing up for work unless they know they will get paid.)

* North Korean refugees are still coming to us. We were known for being picky--and those higher standards are what also attracted many North Korean refugees to us. They knew they weren't joining a social club and that the focus was on them as individuals. In the last year we have had to turn away some North Korean refugees who were eager to study English, had tried other places, met people online, or were just beginning. With those many options, they were still coming to us after hearing how great our project was.

* Potential volunteers are still seeking us out. It has been almost a year since we suspended our tutoring project, but we still have potential volunteers coming to us. Many people assume that we have a huge budget already (Ha!) and that we should be like a delivery service sending refugees to anyone who asks. Hopefully, some of them will help us to get strong enough financially that we can restart programming. The help can be with fundraisers, donations, and also we will be applying for larger grants to help us with the re-boot.

* * *

Not everyone, even our fans, reads messages carefully, so I am sure there will be some misunderstandings and we will probably have some people saying that we have already re-started.

Nope! When we are able to raise funding, then we will resume the tutoring project, with a paid staffer (without the benefits typically offered to English teachers in South Korea, we can't compete with the language institutes).

If you believe that it is important to have a professional and well-organized English language tutoring program for North Korean refugees, then please support this project as a monthly donor and set up a fundraiser to help us raise money. We hope to raise enough money to pay at least one coordinator as well as to raise funding to support the project overall.

Here are some reminders about why our tutoring project was so valuable and why we hated to suspend programming.

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