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This fundraiser supports KOTESOL Gives Back: Fundraiser for TNKR

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Among the many devastating effects of the COVID-19 outbreak is the loss of jobs for many people. But even when South Korea's economy is booming, North Korean refugees face a number of challenges in gaining employment or earning adequate salaries due to lack of job skills, lower English proficiency, access to social networks, and hiring discrimination because of their national origin. Now with the increasing damage to the economy, it may be yet more challenging for North Korean refugee students to access meaningful work or pursue opportunities for educational and vocational training.

Please contribute even a small amount to help TNKR offer more refugee students paid internships and job training, university scholarships, and free English tutoring during these trying times.

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About KOTESOL Gives Back: Fundraiser for TNKR

KOTESOL (Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) is excited to collaborate with Teach North Korean Refugees at the 2020 Online KOTESOL National Conference and through this fundraising project.

KOTESOL, or Korea TESOL, is a not-for-profit organization with the motto “teachers helping teachers”. By partnering with TNKR we are able to not only to act on our motto, we get to help support the amazing work that TNKR does for its students. Please consider contributing to this fundraiser, and learn more about TNKR and the work they do by joining us at the free Online 2020 KOTESOL National Conference at

TNKR’s co-founders Casey Lartigue and Eunkoo Lee, and TNKR Representative Yuna Jung, are invited speakers at the 2020 Online KOTESOL National Conference. On April 25th, they will give a virtual presentation about their organization and the invaluable services they provide.

Donors who contribute to this project and attend the free Online KOTESOL National Conference on 4/25 will be entered into a raffle drawing for prizes that include gift certificates to Butlers Korea, and the Mac&PC Guys. (Winners need to reside in Korea in order to receive raffle prizes. Winners announced after the conference.)


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