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About This Fundraiser

Hey, Everyone! So I discovered this amazing organization called Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR) and I want to help them out!

A bit of background:
As you already know, human rights conditions in North Korea are appalling. When citizens of North Korea defect to South Korea, their challenges are not over. The korean spoken in South Korea is different from that in the north. It includes a lot of "Konglish", words borrowed from English. So the refugees have a hard time communicating. They have to learn English in order to understand Korean!

About TNKR:
TNKR offers FREE English tutoring to North Korean refugees who are seeking to better themselves and lead a fulfilling life. It's awesome that the situations of the refugees have inspired so many expats in South Korea to offer their free time and tutelage, but TNKR really needs support to keep on operating and to better their resources. My goal is to raise 500,000 won to help TNKR on their way to affording classrooms. Will you help me by giving what little you can?

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About How to help North Koreans

"What should be done about North Korea?" "How can we help North Koreans and North Korean refugees?" TNKR has put those questions to refugees studing in the organization. Several refugees are now developing projects, with assistance from TNKR volunteers, to create and develop orginal and authentic projects related to North Korea.

TNKR learners are in charge of the projects, developing leadership and management skills. They can also develop projects giving advice to others who want to increase freedom for North Koreans still in North Korea or to help North Koreans adjust to living in the outside world.

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