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Hello everyone,
My name is Jeanne and if I decided to start this crowdfunding, today March 12th, it is because I feel personally moved by the situation of the North Korean Refugees in this country who sometimes at my own age have experienced way more than I can only imagine. But most importantly, who continue to face challenges everyday. TNKR wants to empower these people through the knowledge of english mainly and it sounded like the greatest idea to me!
Without them, voices like Yeonmi Park would have never gotten the international ears' attention of the United Nations.
I believe this projects positively affects in many ways the lives of the ones involved, mine included.
Hopefully, you will find it interesting enough for you to donate a bit of your money for this growing project to continue and even get bigger!

Thank you in advance,
Jeanne Christiansen-G.


Bonjour à tous,
Je m'appelle Jeanne et si j'ai décidé de commencer ce crowdfunding en ce jour de 12 mars 2019 c'est parce que je me sens touchée par la situation des réfugiés nord coréens dans ce pays qui ont vécu parfois au même âge que le mien, des choses que je ne suis même pas capable d'imaginer. Mais le plus important, c'est qu'ils continuent d'être face à d'importants challenges. TNKR veut les aider en leur donnant plus d'autonomie grâce à l'apprentissage de l'anglais. Et je pense que c'est la meilleure idée possible!
En effet, sans eux, des voix telles que celle de Yeonmi Park n'aura jamais pu être entendues jusqu'aux portes de l'ONU.
Je pense que ce projet à la capacité de positivement impacter les vies de tous ceux qui y sont impliqués, notamment la mienne. J'espère que tu trouveras ça suffisamment intéressant pour donner un peu à cette petite ONG en croissance qui a besoin d'aide financière pour survivre!

Merci d'avance pour eux,
Bien à toi,
Jeanne Christiansen-G.

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About TNKR International Outreach

More than 30,000 North Korean refugees who successfully escaped from North Korea and China chose South Korea as their landing point. But much less attention has been focused on the more than 200 who have gone directly to the USA and the more than 600 who have gone to the UK.

Two non-profit organizations based in South Korea (TNKR) and the UK (Stepping Stones) are collaborating on several days of activities to raise awareness about the plight of refugees in the UK.

October 21, North Korean Refugee Freedom Forum (held at Resource for London)
October 23, Oxford University forum
October 24, University College London forum (pending final confirmation)
October 24, address at Parliament (pending final confirmation) 
October 28, TEDx Talk by a refugee in TNKR

The two organizations (co-founded by 2 North Korean refugees, 1 South Korea, and 1 American( are both tiny non-profits. They have raised some money to cover costs for the trip and activites, but are short about $1,300. Your financial support will help cover costs for renting venues, travel to speak at events, accommodations.

The two organizations have already collaborated to connect several refugees in the UK with English tutors to help them with their struggles surviving in an English-speaking environment. As a result of this trip, we hope to raise awareness about North Korean refugees in the UK; find more tutors and coaches to assist refugees with adjustment, and find more ways to collaborate to help North Korean refugees.

Stepping Stones co-founders have both been students in TNKR.

Stepping Stones co-founder North Korean refugee Jihyun Park says: "One program that gave me hope was Teach North Korean Refugees in Seoul. I am proud to have been a student and now to be collaborating with it to bring more opportunities to refugees in the UK and around the world."

Stepping Stones co-founder Hyeongsoo Kim, currently a student in TNKR, says: "Thanks to TNKR, many North Korean refugees can speak out to tell their stories to the world and to raise awareness. I've seen so many friends who improved so much after studying in TNKR. Within the NK defector community, TNKR is the name that comes up when people talk about ways to learn English or tell your story."

Here's a Korea Times column by TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue explaining how this project began.

Please help our effort to help NK refugees in the UK by making a donation. Other donation options including direct donations to the TNKR bank account, PayPal, 501(c)3 deductions, CMS and others are here.

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