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About This Fundraiser

We are a group of 12 UC students studying abroad at Yonsei University and volunteering at TNKR this semester. We come from many different backgrounds, but are all passionate about TNKR’s mission. We are tutoring a total of 8 students, and meet with them for 1.5 hour sessions at least twice a month. We are hoping to help raise money to support TNKR’s cause!

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About Matching donation (by an American fan of TNKR)

An American who has been following TNKR since 2014 made a $5,000 donation to TNKR last night (October 29).

There's one "catch": The money is restricted and is to be held in a separate account until we match it by raising $5,000.

The reason? He wanted to provide all donors with 100% assurance in advance that their funds would be matched, and released the moment it hits $5,000, with zero delay.

The deadline? He suggests it would be better for us to take the challenge of raising this in one month.

Why is he doing this? Here are a few of the things he said when we talked.

He is inspired by:

* TNKR's staff keeping the focus on empowering North Korean refugees and building an organization from nothing.

* North Korean refugees studying so hard to improve themselves, and those who are willing to share their stories.

* Volunteers giving so much of their time as tutors and mentors.

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