The Dictator is Missing. Please help.

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He is a dictator. He allegedly had his half-brother assassinated and allegedly had his uncle killed by machine gun fire. He shoots off missiles and ignores international agreements. His government has been found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Despite that awful track record, many people are fascinated to learn where he is.

So many people are asking: Where is the Missing Dictator? Why is the Dictator Missing?

There is much less concern about his victims, of which there are many.

All funds for this fundraiser will be used to help educate North Korean refugees who have escaped from three generations of dictators. Not sure how much to donate? The Kim family has been in charge for 72 years, so you could donate $0.72 cents, $7.20, $72.00 or more (Korean won, 7200 won, 72,000 won, 720,000 won.

You can continue with the global Internet and media search for him, or make a donation to support those North Korean refugees who are adjusting to the world of freedom.

If we have any money left over, then we will use it assemble a team that will sneak into North Korea to find The Missing Dictator and report this news to the world wondering where the young dictator is and if he is alive.

This is not first time this particular dictator has gone missing. Here are some news clippings from 2014.

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You can support TNKR this #GivingTuesdayNow with a monthly or one-time donation.

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