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본 모금활동은 Greenlight to Freedom을 후원합니다

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Become a Founding Member of the FSI's Book Publishing project. The following information will tell you how.

(FSI) Freedom Speakers International is engaging in a North Korean refugee book project of inspirational refugee stories. A donor has offered $3000 in funding for the project. He would like the organization to match it by raising $3000 in new funding. Many people have been inspired by great and interesting books such as stories NK refugees tell.

(FSI) has been working with five North Korean refugee authors who want to publish books in English.
By donating to this FSI Fan Club fundraiser you can become a "Founding Member of the Book Club" and be listed on the FSI Website as a Founding Member of the FSI Book Publishing Project.

As a supporter, there are several benefits based on your level of giving to the project. Benefits such as receiving books once they are available. Donate at least $15 for the digital copy, $25 for the paperback copy, $50 for a signed copy.

For every $500 you can be mentioned in the acknowledgement section of a book FSI publishes.

The FSI Fan Club was created to support FSI in its mission to offer opportunities for NK refugees to speak out to tell their life stories and raise awareness, both publically and by telling them through books like the ones to be published.

There are always costs involved in publishing books. Your donations will help with that cost. We would appreciate your consideration by giving to the book project. You can make your donation monthly or one-time.

최근 후원자

  • Ken 8개월 전
  • Susan 8개월 전
  • Andrew Alan 8개월 전
  • Peggy 8개월 전
  • Junha Kwon 9개월 전
  • 채동준 9개월 전

Greenlight to Freedom 소개

North Korean refugee Songmi Han will be publishing the book "Greenlight to Freedom" in February 2022. She has told her story to only three people, but her inspiring story will now be told.

Pledge US$ 15 or more: Receive a digital copy of the book.

Pledge US$ 25 or more: (Shipping within the USA) Receive a paperback copy.

Pledge US$ 35 or more (Shipping outside the USA): Receive a paperback copy.

Due to shipping costs associated with COVID, it is difficult for us to send signed copies of books outside of South Korea where the co-authors live. If you would like a signed copy, then please contact us to discuss options (book+shipping costs). We had previously been charging $75 for shipping signed copies to the USA.

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