Let's Teach North Korean Refugees! (Aaron)

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I have been involved in North Korean human rights for 9 years. I want to continue to help North Koreans, and TNKR is a good way to do that. North Koreans want to learn English so that they can communicate with people and learn more about the world, and I want to help them achieve that goal.

최근 후원자

  • Aaron 3개월 전
  • New Song Community Church Of 1년 전

Greenlight to Freedom 소개

North Korean refugee Songmi Han will be publishing the book "Greenlight to Freedom" in February 2022. She has told her story to only three people, but her inspiring story will now be told.

Pledge US$ 15 or more: Receive a digital copy of the book.

Pledge US$ 25 or more: (Shipping within the USA) Receive a paperback copy.

Pledge US$ 35 or more (Shipping outside the USA): Receive a paperback copy.

Due to shipping costs associated with COVID, it is difficult for us to send signed copies of books outside of South Korea where the co-authors live. If you would like a signed copy, then please contact us to discuss options (book+shipping costs). We had previously been charging $75 for shipping signed copies to the USA.

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