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Living on the edge

Hello everyone,

When is it you feel most alive? It probably  isn’t when you are lying on the couch flipping through the channels and wondering what sneakers you should wear today. Like wise it’s also not when you’ve stepped off the edge of the world and into the dark realm of chaos. No, it’s gonna be somewhere in between the comfortable, predictable world of the known and the stress filled uncertainty of the unknown. This is the edge. This is the place where life takes on the most meaning. 

On the world scene today, everybody is talking about, writing about, and blogging about North Korea. Although many may want to, not many are able to do much about North Korea. Talk’s cheap; takes money to buy whiskey. With out a doubt, the volunteers at TNKR are doing something about North Korea by assisting refugees in finding their voice. They need your ongoing financial help. 

Lots of worthy causes ask for your help and promise to send you some cool free stuff like coffee mugs and tote bags if you help out. I’m not going to send you any free stuff. Instead I’m offering you the chance to live a bit out on the edge, make a difference, and walk around a little bit taller by becoming a sustaining member of TNKR. When you pledge at least ten dollars a month you you’ll become an activist and a player in one of the monumental issues of our day.

Ok, you still need some free stuff? Let me look around and see what I can do. 

All the best

Michael P. Downey 



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